The real value of accountancy 

While we appreciate that not everybody shares our passion for accounts, the part they play in a business is often underestimated. Many people view their accounts as a chore, something that needs to be done but has little real business value, rather than recognising that they are a key, strategic financial planning tool, and one that can be used to help your business develop and grow.

Help with your accounts 

When you use Senior Business Development, as part of our support in producing your year end accounts we will ensure that you will have:

  • A plain English understanding of what your accounts mean
  • Details of tax savings that you have made
  • A set of accounts that is fully compliant with all legal obligations

In addition to this, we can use your accounts in order to find ways in which you can improve your business performance. This could mean measuring your results through key performance indicators, comparing the results to other businesses in your industry, or perhaps identifying opportunities to improve profitability and cashflow.

We can also work with you to produce monthly or quarterly management accounts. This will allow you to have a real time picture of your company’s financial position, and help you to keep track of cashflow, profitability, credit control and performance ratios.

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