Steve Senior is the driving force behind Senior Business Development. A qualified accountant with vast commercial experience, Steve has worked in a variety of accountancy practices including a national firm of advisers, as well as having been employed in-house for a variety of companies across the  Yorkshire region.

This wealth of experience has enabled Steve to gain detailed, firsthand insight into both the operational and strategic aspects of business. With an understanding of the various challenges that can face businesses of all sizes, Steve is well placed to offer appropriate and relevant tailored advice to allow his clients to avoid potential pitfalls and enjoy a healthy rate of business success, growth and development.

Steve says: “It doesn’t matter whether it’s a start up business, a growing business or a business struggling against the tide, the first thing I do when I meet a new client is sit down with them and listen. I listen to what they want to achieve, and what they want their business to achieve; I listen to what’s going well and to what areas they may be facing issues with. I then use all my skills and experience and to put a plan of action together to help the business deliver the results that the business owner is looking for. This may mean us helping out a little or helping out a lot – it’s entirely up to the client”.

Steve and his team take great pride in delivering exceptional standards of service and support to facilitate his clients’ business journey and to help them to realise their true potential.

If you would like to learn more about how Senior Business Development can help you and your business  reach and exceed your goals, why not get in touch to arrange a free, informal consultation? If you’re limited by the time constraints and pressures that so often come hand in hand with business management, Steve is more than happy to arrange an out-of-hours meeting to allow you to take advantage of the many services that Senior Business Development can offer, without any unnecessary impact on your day-to-day responsibilities.

Contact Steve now – it could be the best business decision you’ll ever make.